A Night at the Theatre – Avenue Q Review

One of the millions of things I love about living in London is that despite being a resident for 14 years there are still so many places I haven’t discovered. We decided whilst we were away to try and do more fun things – after all, the house renovation and DaisychainBaby are never going to go away but time goes fast and life is short. So last night we headed off to the Greenwich Theatre to catch ‘Avenue Q‘ which is currently on a UK tour presented by the Sell a Door Theatre Company.

Greenwich is the perfect theatre destination for us but despite living in south-east London for the last 4 years shamefully we’d never been. It’s just 10 minutes by train from London Bridge (where I work) and the same time from Canary Wharf via DLR (where OH works) and just as easy for us to get home, so when OH saw one of our favourite shows was on tour there it seemed like a great opportunity to visit. The theatre itself is very easy to find being just off Greenwich High Road and had a friendly, relaxed feel about it – a far cry from the frenetic, crowded, touristy West End. It was especially welcoming on a May evening which felt more like a winter’s afternoon and once inside we headed straight for the bar. They offer a great selection of drinks and other refreshments and I particularly loved the themed cocktail list.

Armed with our red wine in plastic cups, we headed to find our seats. It’s an intimate setting which I really like, owing to the popularity of the show we were in Row N but didn’t feel far from the stage at all. I’ve seen Avenue Q three times previously when it was on in the West End and despite being unsure if it would be my cuppa before I went the first time, absolutely loved it. The songs are catchy, the story heart-warming and you can tell the performers have a great time. I was intrigued to see how this would compare and was delighted to find it was just as good as I remembered. Little tweaks here and there which made it more appropriate for a largely young professional/post-work crowd went down well and a debut performance from Emily-Jane Morris in a lead role of Kate Monster was incredible. It’s such a feel-good musical that you can’t help almost skipping away and I know I’m not alone when I say there’s a definite soft-spot for Trekkie Monster.

It was also clear that my fellow theatre-goers were mostly here to see the show again with only a few newbies – whether or not these are Greenwich Theatre regulars or Avenue Q groupies, it was wonderful to see a non-West End venue so well supported. They work to support the ‘grass roots of new theatre creation’ and I’ll definitely be back, my only regret is that it’s taken me until now to visit in the first place!

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