Monday Catch Up #23


What a fun, busy and buzzy week it’s been although I’m not entirely sure that our habit of heading to bed well after the witching hour is one we should encourage. Sometimes though you just have those times where there is so much to do it has to all fit in whichever way it can.

On Monday I was up with the lark, by my standards anyway and was on a train to work just after 7. The journey only takes a speedy 15 minutes so normally I don’t even leave home until 8.30, but armed with a huge sackful of parcels from our DaisychainBaby birthday sale that would have made Father Christmas proud, I knew it had to be an early train or a very late one to even stand a chance of squishing on. It’s the only downside to living where we do – our station (Grove Park) is one of the last stops before London Bridge so it’s normally packed by the time it arrives. Toddling along resembling a pack mule with my 50 bags, the park was very eerily shrouded in fog – almost like a horror film from the 1970s.



Mondays are normally quite busy, catching up with everyone’s weekends and with queries that have come in since Friday. This week was particularly exciting as we have a new member of our little team who should hopefully add some vitality and different opinions as he’s 20, 11 years younger than our current youngest colleague. I love meeting new people and he seems to have settled in very well.

My job for Monday evening was to bring our log burner to life. We’d tried to light it on Sunday without any success at all and worried that it might never get going. After another couple of failed attempts, we took the advice of our lovely chimney sweep up-the-road neighbour and zoomed off to B&Q just before it closed to get some kiln-dried logs and hey prestso! It took straight away and burned beautifully all evening.

log burner lit

I’m so relieved because last winter felt so cold in the living room and we spent a fortune on heating. Of course now it’s been so unseasonably warm (typical) we haven’t used it since but we’re ready when the time comes.

Tuesday saw a cheeky little day off, at least from the day job, but as I always tend to find days off from one job are always only ever replaced by a million other things and in true form I ran round like a headless chicken dashing to the vets with Maddie in the morning and then to the post office with more packages to post after that.

In the afternoon I headed off to a blogging event at The Pelham Hotel in South Kensington hosted by TENA. The hotel is a boutique 5 star opposite South Kensington and as you can see from the picture at the top of this post, the interiors are gorgeous!

South Kensington Station

You’re probably wondering what on earth I’d be doing going to an event hosted by a company we typically associate with much older ladies, but the reason was to talk about the new brand, Lights by Tena – designed specifically for those ladies who may have the odd incidence of bladder weakness but nothing consistent. Apparently it’s fairly common after childbirth but is considered another taboo subject.

A group of us listed to a great presentation by Tena before enjoying the choice of a relaxing facial, manicure or pedicure as well as cocktails and afternoon tea. It was a super fun afternoon, meeting new people and learning a lot too. I could definitely get used to facials when I should be at work.




Wednesday was an office-based day but after work Pete took me to one of our absolute favourite restaurants in London, Lucianos to celebrate my business turning 7. It’s a wonderful family run Italian about 10 minutes drive away in Lee and it’s so amazing. Whenever we’ve been or drive past it’s packed to the rafters no matter what time of day and the food and service is always fantastic. Talk turned to whether it would be a good venue for my 40th celebrations but there’s a good few years before that turns up so I’ll stop thinking about it for now.



The evening didn’t end quite perfectly as the dog decided to escape into next door’s garden when Pete let her out before coming to bed. It was already after midnight when from my bed I heard the most maniacal barking and realised it was Maddie. She’d got in through a gap in the hedge and found either a fox or a cat and decided that gave her the right to raise the dead. Of course she’s a stubborn cow at times and refused to come back so I had no choice but to climb over the fence. In the dark. In my pyjamas.

On Thursday Pete and I both worked from home so he could come with me to the doctors. If you’ve read a couple of my previous Monday catch ups or follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m being plagued by some kind of dietary condition at the moment, it’s been on and off for about 6 months but has been really bad for the last 4 weeks and I just decided enough was enough and to start trying to find out what the problem is. I’ll write a separate post about it soon but needless to say the doctor was pretty unhelpful and I’ve been referred for a colonoscopy which will probably reveal nothing. I did wear my new skirt to the appointment though.


In the evening it was my first Pilates class in 4 weeks and good lord did I know about it. A combination of me having to miss a few classes for other commitments plus my teacher taking a break meant that it felt very much like back to square one, just an advanced level. I’m sure whatever’s going on inside me didn’t help as the stomach exercises which are normally the easiest for me felt almost impossible.

Finally Friday arrived and I had post-work drinking plans with one of my best friends, a little pub crawl along the river. It was such a stunning November evening, I can’t remember one so warm. We always drink too much and I eventually got home at 2am – safe in the knowledge that nothing was planned for Saturday. He has a little boy so I don’t think he would have the same chance to recover as me…


Tower Bridge

The Shard

Saturday  really was the most perfectly lazy day ever, apart from getting up to walk the dog who helped me blow away a few cobwebs I did nothing other than camp on the sofa. Pete was out and about running some errands so my recorded TV catch up consisted of The Walking Dead AND The Affair. It’s one of the things that I do love about this time of year, there seems plenty of justification to hibernate whereas in spring and summer there’s always an overwhelming feeling to be doing something more fulfilling.


Sunday was another home-based day for me, I tend to find that if the week is quite hectic then I don’t want to go too far at the weekends and prefer to stay in.  There’s always an endless amount to do so we did a bit of cleaning and sorting, wrapping more orders and then crashing out in the evening with another lovely fire. The perfect end to a busy few days.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week X

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  1. November 13, 2015 / 10:39 pm

    Is that where you work? That top photo? I want to come work with you!! Your week sounds fab and loving all the photos of London!!
    Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

    • Lins
      November 16, 2015 / 1:22 pm

      Eek if ONLY! No you’ll never see a picture of where I work on the blog because it’s so ugly, at least this office is anyway, our previous one was beautiful. That’s the Pelham Hotel in SOuth Ken where I went for a blogging event. Dreamy Xx

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