Monday Catch-Up #43


Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? I don’t even know how Spring has arrived when in my head it’s still January. This week has been another busy one but full of so many happy moments, I love reflecting back and then feeling full of enthusiasm for the week ahead.

The buzzword for this week is definitely food, having done a lot of eating out. Thankfully it started on a semi-healthy note trying out a new Nutribullet recipe of Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, a long walk in our local Elmstead Woods after work with Maddie before dashing off to my Pilates class which I temporarily switched from Thursday to Monday to attend a blogging event later in the week.



On Tuesday the eating began, heading to Pizza Express for lunch to celebrate my colleague’s birthday. We were quite a small number at work so it was lovely to take a little time out and enjoy lunch away from our desks. I’d been desperate to try the gluten-free dough balls ever since I’d seen people talking about them and they were incredible, light and fluffy just like regular dough balls. There may have been a cheeky glass of Prosecco too…


Post-work, a little bit of gardening in the last of the lingering sunshine which made me dawdle as I walked home through the park. Our garden feels so insurmountable that little and often is probably the best approach. We have epic amounts of brambles that need, such a nightmare to deal with and this little patch of pretties is about the only lovely area at the moment.



An impromptu dinner on Wednesday evening after Pete called on his way home and asked if I fancied going out for food. We popped into Bromley and picked Zizzi for their great gluten-free options. It was surprisingly busy even though we were quite late to decide to go out but the food and my “Pink G&T” was well worth it. If you get the chance, try this: Bombay Sapphire and tonic with strawberry puree, mint, cucumber and fresh raspberries. Perfection!



Thursday saw a return to my working from home day which I’ve missed so much the past few months. It’s only temporary because we’re hiring again at work for my team so I’ll be back in full-time soon but what a joy to start the day with a lovely long dog walk instead of jostling for space on the train. A delivery from Marmalade Pie who will be appearing on the blog very soon and in the I evening made my way to Putney to celebrate the first birthday of sofa specialists Arlo & Jacob, indulging in some blissful biscuit decorating with Bees Bakery. Such a fun evening which I’ll be writing separately about too.





Our weekend was devoted to our niece and nephew who we entertained on Saturday and Sunday – so much fun having lunch at Giraffe on the Southbank on Saturday before checking out some street dancing workshops in the Southbank Centre. We did a bit of shopping at the food market and then headed home to walk Maddie who they both adore, before dinner for them and heading out again in the evening to Zippo’s Circus in Brockwell Park. On Sunday we were up early for a walk at High Elms before meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law for lunch at Ask in Bromley.






Safe to say we collapsed on the sofa later in the afternoon – parents, I take my hat off. Something tells me work on Monday might be a little sleepy…hope you’ve all had a lovely week X

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