Monday Catch Up #40


Flowers, power, decisions and holidays – words that sum up this week. Not flower power though, mind. That’s something entirely different. I STILL don’t get the weather though and I’m not going to stop banging on about it until it sorts itself out. One day warm and sunny, being a cheeky little trickster and convincing me that a heavy-duty gillet is enough to wear and I don’t need my coat. Then deciding it’s going to be at least -100 instead. As you can see I’m not in the slightest prone to exaggeration but really, I’m sure in other years we’ve already one of those crazy warm weekends by now and it just hasn’t happened. Am I being too impatient?

It feels like we’ve packed loads in this week and life feels very exciting at the moment. How lovely was it on Monday? A little chilly down by the river but still, stretching my legs for 20 minutes and stepping away from my desk felt so good.


Here’s the outfit in question too which means I didn’t feel quite warm enough, the cosy red hoodie was a recent purchase from the Fat Face sale and the gilet is also Fat Face, a Christmas present from my in-laws a few years ago. I love layering and being snug and since we don’t have a dress code at work there are days when it just feels right to be comfy and cosy.


I also picked up some new running stuff last week from New Look which motivated me into finally getting my running mojo back on Tuesday after work. I used to be a bit of a Nike brand addict and wouldn’t buy anything else but those days are long gone. The trousers and top are super comfy and altogether came to about £25. Just as well really seeing as I seem to have developed a bit of an addition to Leon’s gluten-free “Better Brownies” and need to start running them off.



This amazing Thai curry was also on the menu after work on Tuesday, thrown together using some random left-over ingredients in the fridge. I’ve followed some less than perfect recipes lately so decided to throw caution to the wind and come up with my own and it was delicious, definitely one to blog. I do have issues with photographing cookery as I go though, too impatient to make and then eat it.


On Wednesday it was all about clashing colours, styles, stripes, tops, bottoms – you name it. Because life’s too short to be bland, or co-ordinated. And you know what? I make people smile with my crazy get-up and that counts for a lot. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? The cat jumper was a Christmas present from Pete one year. He’s ace really.


Thursday was a work from home day as we’ve started the big electrics overhaul project that seems to get bigger and bigger as more problems are found. There are so many shortcuts that people take when home-owning, some legal and some not. Sadly for us, a lot of previous owners have done fairly decent cowboy jobs with many parts of our home and so the electrics were in dire need of updating. Just as an example, pretty much every time our washing machine spins, it fuses the kitchen.

So our trusty electrician turned up and spent a full-day on Thursday AND Friday, identifying all the little problems and fitting an entirely new fuse board. It feels really frustrating since we’re paying a lot of money to fix something very unglamorous but needs must and we couldn’t proceed with the living room ceiling update or adding new ground floor plug sockets until the check is complete. There’s still work to be done so watch this space. It did mean a lovely little morning walk on Thursday and a brief sit in the garden whilst I realised how little you can do without power. No TV, no radio, no wi-fi. No kettle, no chores. I even sat in bed and read for some of the time and tried not to fall asleep.



Of course Maddie was happy to have me at home and insisted on sitting on my lap whilst I tried to get some work done. We’ve also had two dogs since Thursday when my Step-Dad dropped their elderly Lab off whilst he and my Mum are away on holiday. It’s needy carnage. Just like having a toddler and a pensioner around, both demanding, both petulant. Different food, different times, different energy levels. Sigh.


Friday was Pete’s turn to keep the home fires burning whilst I went back to work and we didn’t get power back in the house until nearly 7pm. Just like olden days we huddle in front of the log burner with candles for company, and I received a beautiful box of goodies from Cloudberry Living including this stunning Skandinavisk ‘Sommar’ candle. A review post will follow but although it’s far from summer yet it does feel lovely to have some more uplifting scents about the place.


Saturday was very much chores day as often seems to be the case in our home. There are advantages to having a dog around the place who moves at a glacial pace as I was able to appreciate the daffodils in the park rather than rushing past them at top speed like normal when I walk Maddie. Daffodils are amongst my favourite flower, in fact I’m loving yellow at the moment.


The best thing to happen on Saturday was that we booked a long weekend to New York for December and I literally CANNOT WAIT! It feels like ages away but time passes so quickly. NYC was the first place we went to on holiday as a couple back in 2005 when we went for New Year’s and froze for hours in Times Square. It’s a city I’ve visited several times and just adore, my second favourite place after London. Despite loving it with all my heart, we haven’t been back since 2005 so I’m super excited to see how much has changed. Spending money is already being put aside and my bikini body being worked on for our hotel‘s spa which covers the entire 4th floor *all the dreamy eyes*. In fact, don’t be surprised if I don’t come back.

Sunday we were up bright and early after deciding late on Saturday night to make an impromptu visit to Columbia Road flower market on Sunday. If you’ve never been, it’s one of those places that is amazing but gets crazy busy after 9am. It opens at 8 and we were on our way at 7.30, parking up nearby and loaded the car up with bunches of tulips, freesias, a stunning orchid and a huge tray of giant pansies which I’m going to use to plant up some of our patio pots over Easter. Columbia Road is just one of my favourite places ever in London – authentic, proper market-trading. Such amazing prices and quality too.

Columbia Road


After finishing up at the market we were a little bit lazy and drove across to Shoreditch for breakfast at Leon in Spitalfields Market of saucy beans and a hot chocolate before having a quick look round Spitalfields Market as it was setting up. We came across the most amazing hat stall, The Last Stop for the Curious. I wish people still wore hats as a standard. And then Ruby’s of London who made amongst other things, incredible gluten-free cupcakes (check them out at the top of this post) and so one came home because you know, it had to pass the Lins-approval test.

Leon Restaurants


We finished up with a walk in the park where grey skies had given way to beautiful blue and blossom and an evening enjoying our new blooms.



Hope you’ve had a lovely week X

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  1. March 21, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    SO jealous of NYC! I have always wanted to go. Lucky you!! How exciting. The weather is driving me nuts too – was cold today despite looking very warm! You look so lovely in your outfits, great style xx

    • Lins
      March 28, 2016 / 8:22 pm

      Thank you lovely, yes NYC is a must – it’s not for everyone but I’d say everyone should at least try it Xx

  2. March 30, 2016 / 12:23 pm

    The blossom on that tree is beautiful, great shot! Is the cat jumper from Joy? It’s frustrating having to spend money on the non-visible stuff like electrics but sounds like it’s a great stepping stone for moving forward with your other projects! So cool that you’ve booked NYC, life’s so much more fun when you have awesome things to look forward to 🙂 Oh and the curry looks delish! X

    • Lins
      April 3, 2016 / 9:38 pm

      Well done Lucy, how did you guess? Joy is fantastic isn’t it?! Yes I really agree, having something to look forward to is a huge benefit in helping to get through the daily grind 🙂 X

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