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I’ve long been a lover of herbal and fruit teas (little does every workman who comes to the house know that they may be getting what looks like normal tea is in fact decaf!) so when I saw a request on Twitter from The Kettle Shed for bloggers to review their tea, I jumped at the chance.

The Kettle Shed - tea lover

Based in London, The Kettle Shed are a start up loose leaf tea company who have a passion for great tasting teas. Founder Zoe Nixon left her financial background behind to establish her dream of running her own business and started creating blends which she then sold at markets around west London. Having been a market trader myself with DaisychainBaby since 2009, I know that this is no mean feat.

The Kettle Shed - Cheeky Charlie

Stocking a range of loose leaf teas and fuso bags, all teas from The Kettle Shed are unique to them since they blend their own flavours and they are currently stocked at hotels, delis and cafes in and around London – even a couple of barbers!

Trying to decide which tea to choose from was such a tough decision since I like pretty much everything apart from minty flavours. I chose a handful and was sent the fabulous “Cheeky Charlie” which is a blend of green tea with apple and lime, each box containing 15 tea bags. What they say: “A crisp and sweet blend of light Chinese green tea, green apple, lemon verbena and lime leaves. Bursting with freshness and zesty citrus notes. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and thought to have powerful rejuvenating effects, making a cup of this green brew a bountiful treat indeed“.

The Kettle Shed - Cheeky Charlie

The tea was very true to its flavours and I found the taste to be great, although I admit I leave all tea bags in the mug and generally then use them for second and third cups rather than throwing them away (told you – I love tea!) That said, the Fuso tea bags are all biodegradable, even better for the environment.

Cost-wise, it’s not the cheapest tea on the market. However as a small business owner and having many friends who are actually producing their own items too I fully appreciate that there are many costs which go into developing such a well-thought out product and for me, it’s worth the cost. A box of 15 Fuso teabags ranges from £3.99 to £5.50. They come beautifully presented in a box which would also make a super gift.

thekettleshed - gift

Most importantly, The Kettle Shed give back too – every time they sell a box of tea infusers, they donate tea directly to homeless shelters across the UK. I spent six years as a Samaritan at the Central London Branch in Soho and supporting the vulnerable is something very, very close to my heart.

I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful start-up – from the ethos behind the company to the quality of their product, they’re definitely going places. I’ll be back to try some different flavours, after all where would a Brit be without a splendid cuppa?

The Kettle Shed - cuppa

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