The Architect Cometh

Extension Plans

Or perhaps I should say ‘an’ architect cometh. Today is THE day. After 4 and a bit years in our home and a whole heap of conversations about extensions, we have a first architect coming over to talk to us about a ground floor reconfiguration plus extension. I don’t know whether to feel nervous or excited. Is he going to tell us we have no hope of achieving what I want to? Or fill my head with ideas that we could never possibly afford?

When we first saw the house I really couldn’t see the potential of what we could turn it into. Yes it felt like a dream that we could actually afford a 4 bedroom semi-detached in London. But the flipside was I felt overwhelmed by the thought of having to undertake so much work. Even though I knew that one day we could turn it into a proper forever home with plenty of wow-factor.

Thankfully ever the level-headed one, Pete managed to convince me that this was the home for us and I’ve never looked back. It’s frustrating of course that we’re still only about 20% through the renovations despite having a few years under our belt. But it now finally feels like the real work can begin once we work out what’s possible.

The plans above are from the original particulars of the property when we bought it. They’re not exactly to scale – the garden is at least 3 times the length that it looks above. And this is what’s hopefully going to enable us to fully extend across the back of the house, creating an open plan kitchen/diner whilst still maintaining a really good sized garden. We looked at a few properties when we were house-hunting that already had the ground floor extensions but were left with absolutely no garden whatsoever and this just isn’t a good look to me.

The existing teeny kitchen will become a utility room and we’ll take some of the space for a downstairs toilet. Upstairs on the first floor we’d like to move the boiler from the bathroom downstairs into the new utility room, which should then hopefully give us enough space in the bathroom for a standalone shower. On the top floor, we’d love to reconfigure that space too, creating a kind of walk-in wardrobe/dressing area and turn the en-suite into a wet room. We’re very lucky to have two full bathrooms but we really don’t need them so a dreamy shower would be perfect to help me get out of bed in the mornings.

So there we go, lots of pipedreams and no idea yet whether any of it can become a reality. There will be many renovation posts coming over the next couple of years so fingers crossed by the end of it all we really will have our dream home.

Have you undertaken a big renovation project? If you have I’d love to hear your top tips!

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  1. June 14, 2018 / 9:19 am

    Very exciting to be embarking on this journey, Lins! And I love your plans. As you know we’re also planning an extension and renovation, currently waiting for planning permission. Good luck with the meeting, hope it goes well and you get a good feeling about the architect!

    • Lins
      June 17, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      Thanks so much Meera, gosh its a long old process isn’t it?! But we’ve done the first steps so it’s time to keep the momentum going!! Look forward to hearing how your planning permission comes along X

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